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NSA Surveillance

December 28, 2013 by  
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NSA Surveillance- Lesson Learnt?

NSA has come under fire for indiscriminately collecting data on Americans. Could others including healthcare industry learn something from this?

I believe that NSA did not set out to break any laws. It did what it did because the technology let it do it so effortlessly.  Many other industries are giving in to similar temptation.  

The clutter of data, while satisfying our voyeuristic instincts, can take industries off their core mission. We must use technology to achieve the goal of doing better for those we serve, but there is a need for setting some rules. Before analyzing any data, we should determine which issue the data will help us with. The next question: how important that issue is given the overall mission of the industry. Otherwise, in this world with advancing information technology, we could be like a kid binging on the newly found stash of Halloween candy. 

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